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If you have a patio or driveway area that has some flower bedding in it, how about having a raised flower bed installed on it? When a raised flower bed is installed correctly, it can really add something extra to your driveway or patio.

Raised flower beds can vary in the height they are set from the ground. It depends on how high you want it and what method you are choosing to retain the flower bed. For example, you can use a brick on edge to slightly raise a flowerbed against a driveway or patio, it will provide a small barrier to help retain the soil and flowers.

You can choose to create a raised flower which is set in behind an actual garden wall. This is significantly higher and will need small holes inset into the wall to make sure the water is able to run out and not build behind the wall.



Let us advise you on the best options available now for a beautiful flowerbed in Dublin. Our team which has more than 25 years experience at installing raised flowerbeds, can help you pick a long term and beautiful flowerbed option now.

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